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for our customers PDFs are bread and butter of communication with their customers. Only the current TCPDF library in Sugar is quite old and doesn't handle CSS well.

What do you think about upgrading this library (and the whole PDF Manager module)?

Year ago I created an Idea on portal but never got any response. (

How many of you guys do have issues with old library in sugar? 

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  • Hi  

    I've not looked into Doc Merge enough yet, but I understand that the processing is done by a third party tool so the data is sent off site? That would be a problem for me.

    Also, in PDF Manager I had to create my own processing to allow me to use css and also combine document templates into a single document based on parameters on my custom contract and  products listed  (adds exhibits related to the products related to the contract).
    Furthermore I had to add processing to add a draft watermark on yet to be approved contracts, and lock the PDF prior to download. I would not want the legal language changed by the end user, or the customer, after the printing of the document.

    Can Doc Merge do any of that?