Module Loader - Maximum number of Modules?

Hi there,

is there a maximum number of modules that can be uploaded via the module loader in Sugar CRM?

Many thanks in advance.


  • I have been using Sugar for few years I never seem a limit but before create a new module, perhaps you need to understand what does Sugar already do and what you need implementing that does not existis. Sometimes what you need is already there but coming back to your question the limitation only stand by infrastructure/ resources. 

  •  there's no such a restriction as far as I know, however, you want to create your packages for a particular use case or purpose. An example would be my FraudDetector module example.I chose to create one module for fraud detection, but I could've chosen to split that in CreditCard FraudDetection package and another one for Account FraudDetection if I were to distribute them individually (customer A wants only Credit card and Customer B only account), nothing blocks a Customer C to have both packages installed either.

    My advice and best practice is to create packages, as I said before, for a particular use case or a purpose.

    SugarCRM | Principal Developer Advocate