Missing create button for smart guide templates


I have an On-premise site that I just upgraded to 13.0.1.

And I have a regular user with all permissions to all smart guide templates modules, and specifically de Admin & Developer permissions.

But when he access to the Smart Guide Templates the create button is not present.

Administrators can see this button. I guess this is a problem for regular users. Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

Here you can see the access tab for this user.

Thanks in advance and I will appreciate any workaround in code or metadata which doesn't implies turning this user into Admin!!!

  • Sorry! I finally found the Known Issue! https://portal.sugarondemand.com/#supp_Bugs/91850

    It tells it's been fixed in 13.2. Unfortunately on-premise are in 13.0.1 and it will keep in this version until next year.

    Does anybody knows how this was fixed? so I could implement the solution into my instance. Any hint would be appreciated!


  • I found the code to fix this issue in v13.2. I leave it here just in case anyone else has this problem.

    We have to edit sugarcrm/data/acl/SugarACLCustomerJourney.php, function checkAccess.

    Add this line after isAdminUser assignment:

    $isDeveloperUser = $user->isDeveloperForModule($module);

    Line 58

    if ($isAdminUser || in_array($module, self::$regularUsersAccessibleModules)) {

    Changes to be:

    if ($isAdminUser || $isDeveloperUser || in_array($module, self::$regularUsersAccessibleModules)) {

    And the same for line 63:

    - if (in_array(strtolower($view), ['view', 'list', 'access'], true)) {

    Which has to be changed to:

    + if (!in_array(strtolower($view), ['edit', 'delete', 'import'], true)) {

    That's all!