Automate Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Removal! A step forward to securing Your sensitive business data.

Are you thinking about automating the removal of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?

Have you ever seen sensitive data stored in the wrong place within your Sugar system (for example meeting notes), or any other internal system?

Has someone within your business seen unauthorised sensitive information due to human error?

Does your business use and fully trust all your third party APIs with your customer's PII data? Some recent examples include the ubiquitous Generative AI API: ChatGPT where PII might be leveraged to train further the AI models.

Now you have a solution: an automated and elegant mechanism to detect and redact PII data. An automated second set of eyes.

Discover a great way to remove Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from your business data in our latest YouTube video!

I demonstrate a simple and effective approach using and AWS Comprehend API. This essential solution can help you with compliance, data security, and trust.

Movie camera Watch Video Explanation and Demo:

  • hi  

    Looks interesting. Would be great if you could list the benefits vs the default Sugar Data privacy modules?

  • Hey  ,


    Sugar's functionality is geared towards knowing which fields contain PII, and processing PII data removal requests for previously stored information.

    This solution is about preventing/detecting the storage of PII where it should not be stored and anonymisation of sensitive data. 

    A practical example: A seller stores a transcript of a phone call in meeting notes, containing phone numbers, names, email addresses etc. If that's common practice from your sellers, you'd want to automatically redact that, and if you need that PII data, store it in a field marked as PII in Sugar, and leverage the Sugar Data privacy module to eventually eliminate that data on customer request.

    Hope it helps!


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