Importing data into Relationship field, but only some values are importing?

I am importing data into a Module, and trying to import data into a Relationship field. For whatever reason, some rows go into this field but others do not. It isnt a length issue, just some dont seem to import and are left blank, meanwhile the rest of their row's data is imported. 

Why might this be?

  • Hi ,

    When importing for the relationship, are you attempting to import the related record name or ID? If you are importing by record name, are there multiple records with a matching name? 

    If this doesn't help, it would be helpful if you provide a sample data row that isn't working and more information about how you are mapping the relationship field in the import process.


  • Thanks for your response! I am trying to import the name value into the field, I am fairly certain there isnt an ID that is in the import data that would correspond. I checked all the fields in both modules, no ID. Here's an example:

    Module 1 (the One in the One to Many)

    Name - Customer Account Number - Location

    Module 2 (the Many in One to Many, being imported into)

    Supply Contract (relationship field) Reference Name Start Date
    Name - Customer Account Number - Location (same as above) example name example date

    This is what i was trying to do, just import the data into module 2, with the column containing the "name" field of Module 1 in the relationship field.