Remove SugarBPM Processes

Does anyone have the SQL queries for removing SugarBPM process instances. I thought i had them but am unable to find them.

It would be nice if this was able to be done in the Data Archiver like  discussed: Data archiver: remove records older than x days

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  • Hi ,

    My understanding of the Data Archiver functionality when 'pmse_Inbox' is the selected module is that it cleans up the following tables at a minimum:


    There is an enhancement (90933) to change the label from 'pmse_Inbox' to a label more appropriate to indicate it has a wider application than the pmse_inbox table. 


  • Hi ,

    Data Archiver will delete the records on a scheduler, in batches, not all at once, so it will take time to carve through a large dataset. I recommend leaving the Data Archiver record active to let it run to catch up to deleting the filtered data.

    The Data Archiver does not optimize the tables when deleting records, so if your ultimate goal is to reduce the data storage size estimated by MySQL, I recommend having someone optimize the tables once the Data Archiver has caught up to hard deleting the content you want gone.

    If it did not take years to accumulate that volume of BPM data, I might also recommend having someone review the process designs for efficiency. I've seen many designs over the years where BPMs are designed to fire unnecessarily, causing avoidable inflation of these tables. Making the designs more efficient, or choosing other automation methods for some of the scenarios, can greatly reduce the storage that accumulates in these tables.

    If the instance is hosted by SugarCRM and you'd like me to take a look, I encourage you to file a support case and provide me the case number so I can take ownership of it. This will enable me to look at the situation thoroughly and offer specific advice.

    Patrick McQueen
    Director, SugarCRM Support