Cannot Import Contacts from my Google Contact to SugarCRM Enterprise

Hello Good Day!

I am currently exploring the SugarCRM connectors feature in SugarCRM. I followed the configuration provided by SugarCRM, and after the configuration, I setup an external account. However, I wasn't able to import contacts from my Google account. Check the screenshot below for your reference.

I have available contacts in my Google Contacts.

My Google Connectors Configuration is correct if I am not mistaken becuase I was able to fetch my Google Drive to my Sugar Enterprise.

Hopping someone can help me with my concern.


Clinton Canarias

  • Hi Clinton,

    Please forgive me if I am misunderstanding your initial screenshot of the importer, but it looks like fields are recognized in the file you are trying to import, but none of them are mapped to fields within Sugar. If you change those mappings, at least mapping required fields such as Last Name (I presume you would map this to Family Name), does the importer still fail to work for you?

    Patrick McQueen
    Director, SugarCRM Support