After Upgrade 11.0 to 12.00 getting Error

Dear Team,

I have Upgraded our sugar CRM 11.03 to 12.00 & we are Getting CRM after login screen (

HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error

Unknown error.

Please help what can i do for this issue 

  • We have CRM Logs.

    Unknown column 'outbound_email.preferred_sending_account' in 'field list'
    Wed Jan 25 18:08:02 2023 [29369][1][FATAL] An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT, outbound_email.eapm_id,, outbound_email.type, outbound_email.user_id,
    outbound_email.email_address_id, outbound_email.authorized_account, outbound_email.mail_authtype, outbound_email.reply_to_name, outbound_email.reply_to_email_address_id, outbound_email.mail_sendtype, outbound_email.mail_smtptype,
    outbound_email.mail_smtpserver, outbound_email.mail_smtpport, outbound_email.mail_smtpuser, outbound_email.mail_smtppass, outbound_email.mail_smtpauth_req, outbound_email.mail_smtpssl, outbound_email.preferred_sending_account, outbound_email.deleted,
    outbound_email.team_id, outbound_email.team_set_id, outbound_email.acl_team_set_id, tn_name, teams_tn.name_2 tn_name_2, case when IS NOT NULL then 1 else 0 end my_favorite FROM outbound_email LEFT JOIN teams teams_tn ON
    (outbound_email.team_id = AND (teams_tn.deleted = ?) LEFT JOIN sugarfavorites outboundemail_favorite ON ( = outboundemail_favorite.record_id) AND (outboundemail_favorite.deleted = ?) AND (outboundemail_favorite.module = ?) AND
    (outboundemail_favorite.created_by = ?) LEFT JOIN users jt0_favorite_link ON ( = outboundemail_favorite.modified_user_id) AND (jt0_favorite_link.deleted = ?) WHERE ( = ?) AND (outbound_email.deleted = ?) LIMIT 1'
    with params [0, "0", "OutboundEmail", "1", 0, "a93c9252-b1ca-11e9-85f8-02a401d5b724", 0]:


  • Hi ,

    The outbound_email database table had some schema updates when upgrading from version 11 to 12. With the above error indicating the preferred_sending_account column is not present, this is a symptom that schema updates in the upgrade did not complete. I recommend checking your upgrade log files to see if there were any errors encountered that may have resulted in the SQL updates from being run. If you cannot find anything in the upgrade log files, I recommend restoring the original version and attempting the upgrade to 12.0.2 via silent upgrade as advised.


  • Hello

    Could this be linked to this problem :

    Perhaps you have to convert from pro to ent, then migrate to V12.

    By the way, V12 is the worst upgrade I ever did, a lot of problem ... this is verry annoying.

    Best regards,


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