Files not changed after package deployment

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy the package since yesterday and package was deployed successfully but functionality was not working hence, I did the diagnostic and downloaded custom folder and check but file at location "custom/modules/XXXXX" was not replaced with new one.

Can anyone suggest what might be the issue?

Please check my manifest code:

$installdefs = array (
'id' => 'XXXXXX',
'copy' =>
array (
0 =>
array (
'from' => '<basepath>/Files/XXXX.php',
'to' => 'custom/modules/XXXX/XXXX.php',

  • Hi

    To fix this issue, you will need to use a script to re-deploy the package files in SugarCRM.

    Access the SugarCRM installation folder and run the following command:

    php -f modules/ModuleBuilder/package/PackageManager.php --action=rebuild

    then Open the SugarCRM administration panel and navigate to the “Module Builder” page and Select the package you want to redeploy and click the “Rebuild” button.Once the process is completed, you will be able to see that the files have been successfully deployed.


    Bruce McIntyre