Remove custom fields created via package installation


    I've attached the manifest we use to install a package into sugar. It works fine and all hunky dory. But when we uninstall the package, it leaves all these custom fields in the tables. How do I remove them?

Kind Regards,
Madhav Shenoy
  • Hi Madhav Shenoy

    Use below code in post_uninstall.php . this will help you

        $fieldsByModule = array(
            'Campaigns' => array(
        foreach ($fieldsByModule as $moduleName => $fields) {
            foreach($fields as $field){
                $dyField = new DynamicField();
                $dyField->bean = BeanFactory::getBean($moduleName);;
                $dyField->module = $moduleName;
  • post_uninstall script is a solution i agree but Why not you create each custom field file and copy file like this? this will automatically delete it from database and from code directory also.Its easy to manage also whenever you want to change/update field just test at local and replace file in package.

        array (

      'from' => '<basepath>/SugarModules/custom/Extension/modules/Campiagns/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_yourFiled.php',

      'to' => 'custom/Extension/modules/Campiagns/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_yourFiled.php',