What is the best way to track Scheduled jobs execution ?


we often got issues with scheduled jobs and it's difficult to debug the scheduled jobs.

The problems are

  • the cron job error are vanished because of the cron configuration and often without any info in Sugarcrm.log
  • the job queue can't be accessed from the admin section easily
    • all jobs are not visible (some of Sugar core job are not)
    • no way to know that a job failed ; only open all scheduled job and read, page after page, the subpanel summary...
    • the custom module initiate by Kenbrill and forked by here :  https://github.com/bickart/job_queue is not cloud compatible
    • I am not sure that we can imagine create a hook that create a notification or send an email everytime a job failed

So I want to know how you managed this ?

Custom code to be warned when an error message appeared in the the job_queue table ? other solution ?

Best regards,