Populate Process Definition triggered email with addresses from text field

Hi all,

  1. Tick box triggers an email via process definition. (Leads Module)  (This will be to forward Leads to Partners - we do not convert them here)
  2. I want to get the recipients from a text field  (not an email address field) on a related module (Accounts Module)
    The reason for it being a seperate field is the partners sometimes have a seperate email to recieve the leads, and often multiple.  But this is the only thing the email is used for, so it cannot be the primary email. (which does work by the way, but is not what I need)

 Thumbsup I have it working fine... 

  • ...until
    I need to have more than one email address? 

I have tried comma seprating the emails: luke@luke.com,you@you.com etc...   this fails to populate the To of the email. (I am BCC'ing another address for testing, which gets the email but the To is empty).

Also tried a space, and these . , ; : | but always the To is empty :-(

One email address alone works fine - we actually do this this often, elsewhere too.

I have created a Text Area field out of curiosity, but this is not visible to select in the process definition end/message event settings.

  • Anybody done similar? 
  • Any ideas on how to seperate the email addresses in one string so that they happlily popoulate the To.  ?

Thanks for any tips, as always - Luke.

  • Can you share the actual requirement in case there is another way to achieve your objective, rather than focusing on what you have already tried?

  • Hi ,

    Basically I want a field on the Account Module that users can populate with that accounts email address/s to which they would like to receive their Leads from us.  (we pass our leads to our partner channel).

    One email address works fine in what I describe above...  It is now up and running and all working fine...  but only for one email address.

    Historically our sales reps would email a lead to a few people at a given partners account - sounds like messy email tennis to me to be honest and during explaining this limitation of 'one email address'  during user training I suggested it may actually be of benefit:  I advised that our partners set a new mailbox just for the leads we send to them - This should be much easier for them too!!   Most have done so. Any odd cases remaining I have rectified in Process Definition.

    But, I am still curious as to how I would get more than one email address to work.

    Thanks for looking at this Post Tony.

  • hi
    Have you tried using standard Contacts and include a specific type or other attribute to select only those within your workflow crietria?

    This method or similar would als help stay compliant with, or at least make it easier for privacy related processes.