Sugar Serve 11.1 License issue


i have just setup a new local development environment (WAMP) using our latest back up file which is 11.1.

However unlike previous environments i have the below error - 

Warning: There are 30 Sugar Serve active users when your subscription only allows for 0.

Please deactivate some users, contact your partner or sales representative, or email

For more information, see the Understanding User Types and Sugar Licences article.

I have not experienced this with previous backup versions before so was wondering if anyone was aware of why this would happen now? My colleague is also getting the same and had never had an issue before either.....

Kind Regards


  • Did you already revalidate the license ?

    Does the instance have internet access? maybe it is trying to verify the license and doesn't succeed? 

  • Hi Jeroen,

    thank you for getting back to me. The License appears to be successfully validated and in 'licence management'  even says that i have 112? I have also manually validated which was successful to make sure?

  • Hi Dan,

    Can you please go to user management and check the list of the users available. Open any specific active user and check the license type set for each user. If it is set as Sugar Serve, you have to change it to the license type of which you have purchased. I have faced this issue earlier, but I don't remember exactly at what time either it is restoration or new instance setup. I believe this is a bug. But don't want to confirm without complete knowledge about it. I suggest to raise the ticket with the Sugar support team and let us wait for what our other sugar club team comments on this. 

    Hope this is useful. 



  • Hi Poojitha,

    Thanks for your response. I have checked an older backup and all the users have 'Serve' licences which is what we purchased. Looking at the users in the new backup it appears they all have Enterprise licences added and it doesnt like the users that have Serve licences too? I have raised a call with support. Thanks again