Dockerized SugarCRM loads properly after install Wizard, but not after saving changed files and rebuilding

I am trying to use Docker for local development of a SugarCRM 11 application. I can complete the wizard successfully, and the SugarCRM login screen appears after completing the wizard.

However, if I copy the files generated and modified by the Install Wizard from the container to my local machine, then try building the container, I see a screen that just says Loading...

The files I'm copying are from /var/www/html, which is where all of my SugarCRM files and directories are located.

As part of the Dockerfile, I am granting all permissions as described here:

I know that other people have used Docker to build and deploy SugarCRM (I've read the blog posts in Sugarclub), but I have not seen documentation for configuring manually (i.e. not using the install wizard) or for seeing an error like this one.

I have tried reviewing phpinfo() and didn't notice anything. I also have inspected the browser console, but the only errors I see in the perpetual Loading... state are also seen when I complete the wizard and successfully reach the login page. In other words:  there is no helpful information in the browser console.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Sources consulted:

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