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Hi guys

I have an on site implementation (Sugar Ent 10.0.3) and I have an external process on the CRON server that creates pdf files that I have to relate to Contact Records.
I'm planning to create a Job that gets the files from a particular directory in the server and use the current functionality that Sugar uses to upload file to AWS S3.
Could you help me to know which library or class I will able to use to solve this requirement?
Kind Regards, 
Pedro Bazan
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  • hi Vincent,

    Appreciate your appraisal.

    Regarding the recurring cost - benefits may look unclear, but  this frankly surprising feedback in another discussion branch says everything about possible outcomes.
    I hope Sugar has got a customer for life with such a great platform adoption!

    Also, if you've been to the recent Sugar SKO, you probably heard about Logic Builder in at least one of Sugar subscribers testimonials (which also surprised me)

    I have had no clue about the code Jeff has pointed to as well as knew nothing about the current status of AWS S3 bucket support in Sugar core - probably support may help with the current status.

    In Logic Builder, the operator AWS Command implements external API call to Amazon - that is why not just an S3 bucket is available but dozens of other services.

    Have you signed up for Logic Builder?
    If so, I could just share the flowchart this topic started from.

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka

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