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Hi guys

I have an on site implementation (Sugar Ent 10.0.3) and I have an external process on the CRON server that creates pdf files that I have to relate to Contact Records.
I'm planning to create a Job that gets the files from a particular directory in the server and use the current functionality that Sugar uses to upload file to AWS S3.
Could you help me to know which library or class I will able to use to solve this requirement?
Kind Regards, 
Pedro Bazan
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  • hi Dmytro,
    Your Logicbuilder tool looks great, but I couldn't justify the additional recurring cost for every Sugar customer, but would be great as part of a Sugar developers toolbox :-)

    I just found this which you may or may not be aware of, for this AWS requirements seems to be what Jeff Bickart was referring to, some Config settings rather than code?

    CRM Business Consultant

  • hi Vincent,

    Appreciate your appraisal.

    Regarding the recurring cost - benefits may look unclear, but  this frankly surprising feedback in another discussion branch says everything about possible outcomes.
    I hope Sugar has got a customer for life with such a great platform adoption!

    Also, if you've been to the recent Sugar SKO, you probably heard about Logic Builder in at least one of Sugar subscribers testimonials (which also surprised me)

    I have had no clue about the code Jeff has pointed to as well as knew nothing about the current status of AWS S3 bucket support in Sugar core - probably support may help with the current status.

    In Logic Builder, the operator AWS Command implements external API call to Amazon - that is why not just an S3 bucket is available but dozens of other services.

    Have you signed up for Logic Builder?
    If so, I could just share the flowchart this topic started from.

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka

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