/<module>/Activities GET - What is meant by <module> in these endpoints?

What is this <module> in the rest module endpoints? I found a list of modules from "metadata?type_filter=full_module_list" endpoint. Also, Will the custom modules also gets listed down here?

My main query is that what is the meaning of this <module> in this endpoints?

  • the module list should return all the modules but that also depends, as far as I know, on the user you are using the retrieve the data from. If you are not allowed to see data in a module it should not be visible there. 

    In any case, the activities module is the so called activity stream 

  • Hi Aman,

    The <module>  tag should be replaced with the Module name that you want to retrieve the Activities from.

    For the Accounts module, you should send the request to:

    /Accounts/Activities GET

     For Contacts:

    /Contacts/Activities GET

    And so on.

    As Jeroen pointed out this will retrieve the Activity Stream for the specific module

    I hope this helps.

  • <module> is a replacement for all visible objects a user can retrieve. When you open the application in a browser and click on specific tab, the list view of the underlaying module opens. So when you click on "Accounts" the web site <server>/#Accounts opens. So you know the accounts are saved in the Accounts-module.

    In Postman you can retrieve the list of all modules and fields by calling <server>/rest/v10/metadata?type_filter=modules

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