modify an exported module then re-import with module loader

Hello.  We'd like to copy a module that's been created by our implementation partner, what needs to be modified so that we can import it with a new name and reuse the functionality? (specifically it's an LLPG address lookup they've created).

I was told:- "This package can then be unzipped and you can change the module name to the custom module creates an rezip the file. Then all you have to do is upload and install the zip and the customisations will be copied to the new module. You can then hide or delete anything you don't need in studio" 

I'd imagine more than the manifest would need to be amended but I'm unsure what else.  Is it as straight forward as going though each php file in the export and doing find/replace on the 'old' module name with the 'new' name?  Is there anything to be aware of?

Any advice would be great. Thanks 

  • AFAIK, Partner's developers are mostly fairly experienced with Sugar development, a lot of them are certified by Sugar.
    They know what customizations they provide on request, so if they keep the warranty on the job done giving the permission to make adjustments according to their guidance, the risks to mitigate might appear if to follow others' advice rather than original instructions.
    I hope this makes sense

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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