How to reopen a case automatically when a new email is received(using Process Definitions)?


I'm using Sugar 8.0.3 Enterprise, how can i re-open an existing  closed case(Status: Closed) when a new email imported via email to case functionality has the matching Case Number[Case Macro]  on the subject ?

I note that Emails is not a module that can be configured for the Process Definitions(SugarBPM) in Sugar 8x , however it is on Sugar 10x



  • Sugar 8 hits EOL in October, so I strongly recommend you plan an upgrade for this customer.

    If that is not an option, here are some I can think of:

    • Create a SugarLogic field on the Cases module which counts the number of related Emails. Then design a SugarBPM process def which listens for a change on that newly created SugarLogic field, and reopens the case accordingly if it is closed.
    • Legacy Workflow (can't recall if its already blocked in v10) - but an "after time elapses" one can pick up the condition of a new email where a related case status = closed.
    • A logic hook.

    Good luck!


  • Thanks , i want to avoid any customisation involved and the use of legacy workflows. We have plans to upgrade sugar to the latest version in the short term and stick to manual workarounds for the time being. I'm going to try this on v10 instance and see if this is Out of the Box,  as this could be a standard Cases management scenario. Cheers !

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