Print files from list view of Module and Subpanel

How to add print file button in Action menu of  record.?

When the user selects records in the list view (module) or is viewing the records in the subpanel, clicking on the Print Files button will cause the files in those records to mass print.  (Makes it more of a one step process to print instead of having to open each file, open the download, print the download one at a time.)

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  • I just took a quick look at your code, and looks like you're using window.print - that will not work, since it will only print your current page.

    But - try with print.js - it's a simpler option:

    Download the print.js from and include it in your jsGroupings.

    Download the CSS file and add it in your custom.less with 

    @import (inline) 'print.min.css';

    Then - in your JS code, when you click in the print button, all you have to do is:

    generateAndPrint: function () {

    I am just using download entrypoint for example - since it's easy and you don't have to pass authToken.