web portal stuck in loading

recently i've made a development instance copying the production instance and changing the URL and certificate, everything works fine and i can visualize all the admin portal from the browser, but whenever i tried to enter from the customer portal ,it just gets stuck in loading. checking the browser console i get the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: c444dc466a043a7070e7a5705dd3c74cdbaff9d1b62f276ea8d109826f03829d is not defined
at eval (eval at <anonymous> (cache.js:67), <anonymous>:3:1)
at cache.js:67
at cache.js:98
at Function.h.each.h.forEach (eval at e.exports (addScript.js:9), <anonymous>:5:1994)
at l (cache.js:93)
at Object.init (cache.js:135)
at Object.init (app.js:304)
at (index):63

I all-ready did the quick repair and build, enable developer mode and also deleted the cache file from the server and i keep getting the same error.Any idea on how to fix this?