Unable to turn off TRACKER - support unable to help :(

Hi everyone, 

We have a customer (on-site) using Ent 9.0.3, who must have their Tracker function in Sugar turned off (for compliance reasons).

Using the checkboxes in Admin > Tracker doesn't stop the tracker from running. You can test yourself, it's still fully tracking and the DB will be busy with many INSERT DB queries on a live system.

SugarCRM support has advised that we make the 'prune tracker tables' job run more frequently. But the issue is not DB storage, it's compliance.

I can see that ticking/un-ticking the checkboxes in Admin > Tracker manipulates some entries in the DB table config. I've also tried removing these rows, yet the tracker still runs.

Is anyone aware of a 'hacky' or not so hacky way of disabling this function?

  • Hi James Banbury,

    I have not tested this personally, but I have heard that this might be possible by changing && to || in modules/Trackers/monitor/tracker_monitor.php where the if statement reads:

    if(!$this->isEnabled() && (isset($this->visible) && !$this->getValue('visible')))


    Note that breaking trackers will break the Recently Viewed functionality. Sugar won't show recently viewed records any more in any module's dropdown menu.


    I hope this is helpful!

  • In modules\Trackers\config.php the tables are defined where trackers will be written to.

    If you replace that file by a file containing only (possible only on-site):


    $tracker_config = array();

    No record will be written to the tracker tables any more.

    Additionally truncate all the tracker tables



    and no tracking should be possible any more.

    Harald Kuske
    Principal Solution Architect – Professional Services, EMEA
    SugarCRM Deutschland GmbH