What is server-side components ?

Hi All,

As part of knowledge acquisition.I like to know about the server side componets.

Actually which are server-side components in the Sugar framework ?

is it Sugar bean is a server-side component ?

  • Hi Sino,

    Everything apart from the "SideCar" is included in Server Side Components. Client-side based on a single framework which is SideCar which has further components like handlebars, bootstraps, backbone.js etc. 

    Yes, Sugar Bean and all its collections based on server-side because they drive the server-side logic and interacts with databases.

  • Hi Maryam Aslam,

    Your comments about Server-side and client side is really helpful form me. 

    I have confusion related with Sugar view is it a client side component ? , I have found details Sugar view in this link  and also in here.

  • Hi,

    I think I get your confusion. In the sidecar(modern) views, they are made by handlebars, bootstraps and backbone.js, we normally used record.js, create.js etc for the controller purpose but they are actually the views so we can categories them as client-side.

    Regarding the Legacy MVC, controllers and views, both are separate(unlike the sidecar in which we achieve both in single file and function). So here controllers are explicitly used to render the views so here controllers will categorize as server-side and views as client-side.

    Hopefully, it will help.