Why do subpanels generated from circular relationships doesn't have record links?


I created a 1:M(one-to-many) circular relationship in Locations module. This generated a relate field and a subpanel.

The issue is that the subpanel doesn't have any links in its records:

Any ideas or fixes for this? 


Eron Tancioco

  • Hi Eron Tancioco,

    You can resolve it by adding a link attribute in your name column.

    Go in custom/modules/Sub-Sites(module)/clients/base/view/subpanel-for-(relationship name between Locations and Sub-Sites)/subpanel-for-(relationship name between Locations and Sub-Sites).php

    And add the following line in your name array like:
    array (
              'name' => 'Name',
              'label' => 'LBL_NAME',
              'enabled' => true,
              'default' => true,
              'link' => true,           //make link true


    Kind Regards,

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