How to export pdf template from one Sugar instance to another

Hi All,

How to import pdf template from one Sugar instance to another ?

I need to deploy or Import one custom sugar template from a development Sugar instance to production sugar instance.

Please advise me how to export and import the pdf templates.

  • I am an on-Site customer so I have direct access to the Databases for my instance. 

    I use MySQLWorkbench to export the record from my development instance as an Insert statement, replace the ID with UUID() and replace the created/modified timestamps with UTCTIMESTAMP() and then execute the insert in my Production Environment.

    If you are a Cloud customer, however, you will not have access to the DB. In which case I think you will need to recreate the record via the interface, as I've not seen another way to export/import the templates from the application.

    You may have an easier time copying if you open the "HTML" of the body of your PDF template in each of your systems and copy/paste the content from development to production.


  • Thank you,

    Is it possible to apply a file for template.That I mean can you share details of folder which store the pdf template file and If it is html file we can directly replace the file.

  • In your Test environment go to Admin->PDFManager and open the template you are trying to copy

    Select the "Edit" option at the top and it will open a window with the template in the TinyMCE window, it will look something like this:

    Notice the HTML option in the corner of the template editor.

    When you click that it will open a popup window with the HTML Source Editor, there you can highlight and copy the contents. Then cancel the edit.

    In your Production environment start the new template from Admin->PDFManager->Create PDF Template, click on the HTML in the Template's TinyMCE as you did before, it will open the HTML Source Editor ,paste what you just copied from your Test environment into that popup box. Click the Update button at the bottom of the HTML Source Editor. That will close the HTML Editor window and you will have the template in your TinyMCE window. Finish setting any other parameters, name it, and Save.

    It's the easiest way I have found to copy templates from testing to production without using direct access to the database.