API bulk not working on Custom Modules

Greetings developers,

I have been having this issue and suport can't solve it. When i use normal requests like PUT, POST or GET on these custom modules they work out fine. Also when i use bulk on "default" modules it also works. Can someone shed light on how to solve this please?

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  • Can you post an example of a test request and the problematic response? 

  • This next sample code when i try to use /rest/v11/bulk endpoint it doesn't work (returns status 422: Unprocessable Entity regardless if the access-token provided is valid or not) but works on the direct endpoint /rest/v11/PCA01_PosConsCash (with proper adaptation of the request). 

        "url": "/v11/PCA01_PosConsCash", "method": "POST", "data":
             \"name\": \"test123\",
             \"assigned_user_id\" : \"9c662492-89f2-3ea3-7ba6-55d89ce2f540\",
             \"pca01_posconscash_contactscontacts_ida\" : \"a03a66f8-e452-99d2-b338-55e6fe076dd4\",
             \"team_id\" : \"877677b0-baf5-f351-3db3-5676de1fea3b\",
             \"base_rate\" : 1,
             \"lftm_data_cc_c\" : \"2018-09-02\",
             \"lftm_saldod0_c\" : \"50\",
             \"lftm_saldod1_c\" : \"60\",
             \"lftm_saldod2_c\" : \"70\",
             \"lftm_saldod3_c\" : \"80\",
             \"lftm_saldototal_c\" : \"100\"

    Thanks for the attention to this matter

    Best Regards,


  • Hello Giovanni,

    If you look at the body of the response you are getting you are likely getting something like this:

    "error": "invalid_parameter",
    "error_message": "A parameter in your request was invalid."

    Although it may be a field on the module I think the cause may be base_rate. Instead you should set the currency_id or leave off if default.

    Hope this helps