Trouble returning deleted records with API


Using Postman, I'm attempting to return a list of contacts which includes records that have been deleted from Sugar. To do so, I'm sending a GET request to the Contacts end point and setting the deleted flag to '1'. However, the API responds with this error: 

"error": "unknown_error",
"error_message": "An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT contacts.last_name, contacts.assigned_user_id, contacts.acl_team_set_id, contacts.team_set_id, LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(,''),' ',IFNULL(jt0_team_link.name_2,'')))) team_name, jt0_team_link.created_by team_name_owner, contacts.created_by, jt1_email_addresses_primary.email_address email1, contacts.salutation, contacts.first_name, contacts.title, account_id, jt2_accounts.assigned_user_id account_id_owner, account_name, jt2_accounts.assigned_user_id account_name_owner, jt1_email_addresses_primary.email_address email, contacts.phone_work, jt3_assigned_user_link.first_name rel_assigned_user_name_first_name, jt3_assigned_user_link.last_name rel_assigned_user_name_last_name, jt3_assigned_user_link.created_by assigned_user_name_owner, contacts.date_modified, contacts.date_entered, contacts.team_id,, contacts.deleted FROM contacts LEFT JOIN teams jt0_team_link ON (contacts.team_id = AND (jt0_team_link.deleted = ?) LEFT JOIN email_addr_bean_rel contacts_email_addresses_primary ON ( = contacts_email_addresses_primary.bean_id) AND (contacts_email_addresses_primary.deleted = ?) AND (contacts_email_addresses_primary.bean_module = ?) AND (contacts_email_addresses_primary.primary_address = ?) LEFT JOIN email_addresses jt1_email_addresses_primary ON ( = contacts_email_addresses_primary.email_address_id) AND (jt1_email_addresses_primary.deleted = ?) LEFT JOIN accounts_contacts accounts_contacts ON ( = accounts_contacts.contact_id) AND (accounts_contacts.deleted = ?) AND (accounts_contacts.primary_account = ?) LEFT JOIN accounts jt2_accounts ON ( = accounts_contacts.account_id) AND (jt2_accounts.deleted = ?) LEFT JOIN users jt3_assigned_user_link ON (contacts.assigned_user_id = AND (jt3_assigned_user_link.deleted = ?) WHERE () ORDER BY ASC LIMIT 1001 OFFSET 0' with params [0, 0, \"Contacts\", 1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0]:\n\nYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') ORDER BY ASC LIMIT 1001 OFFSET 0' at line 1"

Am I doing something incorrectly in my request, or is it not possible to return deleted records? 

And my request: 



Am I doing something incorrectly in my request, or is it not possible to return deleted records?