Share the SugarClub Love

Hello DevClub,

I'd like to start by thanking you for being here and creating such an awesome place to learn and share ideas with other Sugar developers. We truly appreciate your participation. Did you know that you are the most active group on SugarClub? Well, you are, and we want other members of your team to be able to have the same great experiences that you have been engaging in with their peers.

We've recently announced the launch of additional user groups for your Marketing, Sales, and CX colleagues, as well as industry focused groups in Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Technology & Communications, and Services, and language based groups in French, Spanish, German, and Italian. We encourage you to share these groups with your colleagues in other departments to help us foster vibrant communities for all Sugar users. They can ask questions related to their roles and find others users who may be facing similar challenges. As always, everyone can seek product assistance and ask for help in our Explore area. 

Thanks again!


  • Hi ,

    Yes, agreed that development and configuration are two different things. My post was asking the developers here in DevClub to share the other content and groups available in SugarClub with their colleagues who work in Sales, Marketing, etc. so that those users can take advantage of a community of their peers in sales, etc. the same way the developers here in DevClub have created a community to find the resources and answers they need. I hope that helps clarify. 



  • Hello Jana,

    AFAIK, "development" is more about coding new things, currently unavailable, while "configuring" is about setting up the current platform to perform the expected.

    If to go through the list of questions asked, a lot of them seem to be solvable with configuring.

    Those probably might be referenced in the corresponding Best Practice sections too, bringing the examples of Sugar platform capabilities and solutions available to both current and future Sugar users and admins.

    I hope this makes sense.