In case you missed the Q2 2023 (13.0) Developer Webinar!

In case you missed the latest webinar.. 

We just wrapped our developer webinar (2 available time slots to accommodate you) for the upcoming Q2 2023 (13.0) release. We previously shared the SugarCloud Q2 2023 (13.0) release preview to give you another opportunity to plan and prepare for the release in early April. 

Key Takeaways

Rafael began by touching on recent events including the most recent UI design's successful rollout, library upgrade challenges relating to DBAL + Original CJP (Sugar Automate) Plugin and Module Loader fixes, evolving Developer Suggestions to better support you, and SugarDockerized for release PR. 

Sugar UX Updates and Highlights kicked off the main portion of the webinar, starting with Enterprise License Improvements, where Rafa shared exciting news that Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve modules that were previously exclusive to the cloud will be merging with Enterprise, making those features available in this upcoming release.

Sidebar functionality has been a hot topic, specifically with end-user customization abilities, so sidebar customization has been promoted to an admin function, allowing end-users to customize their sidebar settings. 

Reports Viewer has troubled end users (creating too many clicks, drag and drop panels for resizing as well as performance for large reports) so you will now be able to drag and drop with a divider, allowing you to see data tables, charts, filters, etc. more clearly in real-time, helping performance and readability. Rafael continued with ways we are improving the user experience including report filtering, in-line edit records, and additional list view filters introducing "is empty and is not empty" (small but mighty change!)

Smart Guides Subpanel features were mentioned, including drag and drop improvements and child step markers. Additional default OOTB filters are available to all. 

Developer Impacts in this Release

Getting into V11_20 REST API, Rafael highlighted PHP support and dove into specific upgrade paths and 'gotchas' within each. It was noted that the jump from 7.4 to 8.2 is substantial, but Rafa shared an easier automated path later in the webinar. Rafa dug into PHP 8.2 deprecations including dynamic properties, partially supported callables, and string interpolations. 

PHP Automated refactoring details were discussed and the suggestion was to use Rector, as Sugar uses internally in the lab, to scan code and provide guidance on compatibility with the PHP version of your choice. 

The next topic was Platform Enhancements, such as package scanner improvements, separate log file MLP installations, and Deprecating Cryptographic Algorithm SHA2 for password hashing. 

Rafael wrapped with a reminder to code customizations for PHP 8.2, a mention of an initiative for partners/devs to volunteer sandboxes to be included in the 'day-after-GA', and hotfixes as not being a part of Dev Builds. 


Register for our next Developer Office Hours on April 5th covering REST API Performance and Best Practices! 

In January, SugarOutfitters released a New Marketplace Login Experience where partners' or customers' login is now tied into Sugar portal login, so the same credentials used to login to the customer portal can be used to login to Outfitters. 

Coming soon to Demo Builder, SugarOutfitters add-ons with demo keys will have the ability to be demoed in Sugar instances! Stay tuned for more information and the release date. 

Recap Resources

You can find the recording and slides in the Events Recaps section of DevClub.  

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Happy coding!