SugarOutfitters Marketplace New Login Experience

SugarOutfitters Marketplace New Login Experience 

Coming February 2nd!

 Two login options from the main Login menu.

The primary login method will be to use the SugarCRM Portal credentials. The Portal will also be how new users can register with SugarOutfitters. Users without a SugarCRM Portal account will be able to access their Outfitters account using the new Legacy Login option. 

Action Needed for Existing SugarOutfitters Users:

1. If you do not have an existing SugarCRM Portal account, register with the SugarCRM Portal. When you register, make sure you use the same e-mail address that you use with SugarOutfitters.

2. If you have an existing SugarCRM Portal account, make sure that the SugarOutfitters account e-mail address matches the one you use on your SugarCRM Portal account. If this is not set correctly then you will not be able to access your Outfitters account using your Portal login. This is the link between your Outfitters account and your SugarCRM Portal account.

New Login Experience 

What’s Changed?

- Users will not be able to register using the legacy SugarOutfitters registration page. All users must register thru the SugarCRM Portal in order to make Add-On purchases or submit new Add-Ons to the SugarOutfitters marketplace.

- Your colleagues within your SugarCRM Portal account will have shared access to your SugarOutfitters account information. For example, users from the same Portal account will be able to access each other’s Add-On purchases. Partners will share access to Add-On listings and sales information.

- You will still be able to log in using the legacy SugarOutfitters login username and password for now, but we do intend to turn this feature off.

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