In case you missed the Q1 2023 (12.3) Developer Webinar!

In case you missed the latest webinar.. 

We just wrapped our developer webinar (2 available time slots to accommodate you) for the upcoming Q1 2023 (12.3) release. We previously shared the SugarCloud Q1 2023 (12.3) release preview to give you another opportunity to plan and prepare for the release in mid-January. 

Key Takeaways

  • Recent reminders: ExternalResourceClient replaced cURL, content enablement materials are readily available, prioritize refactored code as 12.2+ requires it
  • UI Redesign Prior Recap: Reiterating changes including header and footer relocation into sidebar, modules also relocated to side nav bar (also called 'rail'), more icons representing modules, recreated module functionality, expansion capabilities, bwc turned sidecar view, 
  • UX Enhancements covered:
    • console usability improvements- cases are clickable, focus drawer tab availability instead of bread crumbs, smoother agent experience in records
    • calculated dropdown fields- formula over custom code, offload heavy customizations from SugarBPM, and focus on configurations
    • Sugar Automate (formerly known as Customer Journey Plugin) is available with Sell Premier 12.3+, Sell and Serve 12.3+ as an add-on, and Enterprise 13.0+ as an add-on
  • UI Redesign: component mapping, code extension, layout, and view discussion, how to identify customizations to refactor
  • PHP Library Upgrades: detailed minor and major version updates that were non-breaking and major version upgrades with breaking changes
    • health check was introduced to prevent incompatibilities on upgrade 
    • minor notes on time zone syncs, compatibility fixes, language dropdown, the addition of links to SugarOutfitters for admins and end-users
  • Don't forget to join and participate with your specific questions in our monthly Developer Office Hours: topic recap, reminder to register for our February session (January skipped per holidays!)
  • SugarOutfitters: addition of webhook authentication per request, single sign-on available and primary login method 

Developer Impacts in this Release

  • UI Redesign might impact your customizations, check our technical guide for details.
  • Q1 2023 (12.3) has multiple JS and PHP library upgrades, some introduce breaking changes
    • You can review our blog post to help you refactor your code.
  • After the upgrade, admins to set your module names and icons
  • Use Calculated Dropdown Fields instead of custom code or SugarBPM
  • You will be introducing Sugar Automate as part of core product
    • All previous Automate-related packages will be uninstalled automatically on Upgrade to 12.3
  • Sugar has built a Smarty compatibility layer for now but you must move your code to Smarty 4.2.x

You can find the recording and slides in the Events Recaps section of DevClub.  

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Happy coding!