December '22 Developer Office Hours Recap

December Office Hours Recap

Our December Office Hours session covered recent updates provided since version 12.0, including PHP library upgrades (Upgrades: DBAL, Monolog, Smarty), JS Library Updates (Upgrades: underscore, jquery, chart.js). ExternalResourceClient transport client, and UI redesign. 

This session was recorded on December 7th, it began and circled back to UI Redesign information, which was previously focused on in our October Developers Office hours, see here for recap. Additionally, there are available resources to help you prepare for the Library upgrade changes coming in 12.3, see here for Dev Club post. 

Session Highlights

Rafael started us off by mapping out the updates and changes within each new release, 12.0 (Q2 2022) to 12.1 (Q3 2022) to 12.2 (Q4 2022) to our present release 12.3 (Q1 2023). 

The topic of breaking changes arose, specifically to understand the abstracting layer impact on users. Rafa opened up the panel and utilized our guest hosts, Keshav Adununthula and Alexander Melekhovets, to understand the 'how' and 'why' and 'what kind' of DBAL in use cases. 

Keshav elaborated on cloud practices relating to upgrades and cadence, helping our devs understand that upgrading libraries on a consistent basis results in stronger security and better product in Sugar. 

Alexander touched on logic in Sugar queries that bring value, avoiding ACLs, data security and filters. Matt piggybacked and encouraged devs to put in enhancement requests for Sugar query to use APIs and move away from library upgrades. Help us improve the product by putting in tickets!

Rafael dove into ExternalResourceClient, highlighting specific and common issues such as with cURL blockage, HTTP redirects, and more. Further specifics can be addressed in our upcoming Developer Webinar for the 12.3 Release, registration is here.

Addressing security concerns and questions, a safe, fast and secure Guzzle will be upgraded in this release, with no impact for customers.  

We received and answered some great specific questions to wrap up the session including customizations, timelines, sandboxes and more. We welcome all feedback and questions, your interactions make this webinar successful, so please continue to bring your questions and comments to us each month!

Special Thanks

A special thanks to , Manager, Software Development, and Alexander Melekhovets, Consultant, for joining us and sharing their knowledge on this webinar!

Session Recording  

Check out the recording and slides from this session. 

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