October '23 Office Hours Recap - PHP 8.2 Upgrade & Rector Demo

October Office Hours Recap

Session Highlights

  • SugarCloud PHP 8.2 Upgrade Plan
  • New Runtime Errors in PHP 8.2
  • Using Rector for PHP 8.2 Upgrade
  • Q&A

Session Recording  

Rafa began by outlining the PHP 8.2 upgrade dates and details and what actions for you to take. Note, your code must be ready November 4th, as there is no opt-out after November 1st! 

There are lessons learned from these upgrades including custom/** and vendor library remediations to come. In the cloud, warnings will turn into fatal errors, such as from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2, so you can enable E_WARNING and E_DEPRECATION logging in the PHP error log and test your code. 

For more learning and details, Rafa has provided links to resources including:

For more details on this topic, see September's Office Hours Recording and Recap as similar questions and content were covered. 

Session Recording  

This session was recorded on October 4th, see here for the recording and here for the slides. 

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