PHP 8.2 & Outfitters Add-On Certification - Sept '23 Office Hours Recap

This month we met to discuss the upcoming PHP 8.2 upgrade and the new SugarOutfitters Add-On certification process.

Session Highlights

Update on PHP 8.2 Upgrades

We shared some news that SugarCloud upgrades to PHP 8.2 will be rolled out from September thru November of this year. E-mails had gone out last week out to sandbox owners that included links to PHP 8.2 compatibility scan results for their instances. This initial scan was done to notify customers and partners about code changes that will be made in their instances. The actual scan that will update your Sugar instances will be run later.

We also shared information about the new safeCount() function which we have introduced to as a safe alternative to count(). Since PHP 8, count() function will throw runtime errors when provided with bad (uncountable) input like null. The new safeCount() function is being added to all supported Sugar releases.

There were many questions about the PHP 8.2 upgrade! We couldn't get to them all during this session. So we recommend anyone with further PHP 8.2 upgrade questions to join our next Release Webinars on September 12 and 13.

SugarOutfitters Add-On Certification

Rafa and Cosmin led a demonstration of the new Add-On certification workflow tools that we are building. The goal of the new workflow tooling is to make sure that customer's first experience with a package downloaded from SugarOutfitters is a good one.

When packages are uploaded to SugarOutfitters, we will be running much more extensive processing of these packages to automatically identify problems. For example, we will be using Rector to check for PHP version compatibility. And we will be running automatic installs of packages within supported versions of Sugar to make sure they install correctly.

The new Add-On certification process will affect the experience for Add-On developers that upload their packages and for end customers accessing their purchases. Check out the recording to see the live demo!

Special Thanks to

SugarCRM's Internal Applications development team! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community and all the hard work you do with Sugar Internal, the SugarOutfitters marketplace, and the new Add-On certification workflows.

Session Recording 

This session was recorded on September 6th, see here for the recording and slides.

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