Sales Management 102: Increase Velocity with the Idle Opportunities Report

Ready to dive into a game-changing strategy? Today, we're unpacking a secret weapon I swear by: the Idle Opportunities Report. Think of this not just as a report but as your playbook for reviving those deals that seem to be taking a bit too long to close.

Let's break down how you can use this tool to kick things up a notch.

Spotting Where Deals Are Stuck

First things first, set a marker—like 30 days or whatever makes sense for your cycle—to identify deals that aren't moving. It’s crucial in our world of complex sales, especially in manufacturing and distribution. This quick identification helps you jump into action mode before these opportunities fade into the background.

Getting Those Deals Moving 

Now, let’s play detective. Use the insights from your report to figure out why these deals are stalling. Crafting personalized follow-ups or addressing specific concerns directly can help clear the path. It’s all about targeting the right approach to get these deals flowing smoothly again, boosting your overall sales velocity.

Leveling Up Your Team

This report isn’t just about fixing problems—it’s a goldmine for team development. Notice patterns where deals tend to stall? That’s your cue. It might mean your team needs a skill boost or a tweak in your sales approach at those stages. Tailor your training to tackle these areas and watch your team’s effectiveness soar.

Equipping Your Team Right

Ever feel like your team’s going into battle without the best armor? This report can also show you where your sales process might be missing crucial tools or marketing assets. If deals are consistently hitting a wall at a certain stage, it’s time to think about what resources can help break through. Collaborate with marketing to create those killer presentations or demos that speak directly to your prospects’ needs.

Wrapping It Up

Using the Idle Opportunities Report is like having x-ray vision into your sales pipeline. It helps you quickly spot where deals are getting stuck, devise strategies to get them moving, identify training opportunities for your team, and ensure they have the best tools at their disposal. This approach doesn’t just salvage stalled deals; it sets your team up for ongoing success, making sure you’re always engaging effectively with prospects and smashing those sales targets. So, let’s get those deals moving and keep our sales engine roaring!