How does SugarCRM pass Leads to Partners and get feedback?

Good morning,

I was wondering how others work with Resellers when it comes to sharing Leads generated in Sugar.

For example, how does SugarCRM pass Leads to Partners and track those Lead's progress, if you indeed do pass Leads to Partners?

In a number of countries our company does not sell directly to the customer, rather we have some great partnerships with Resellers who sell and support our products.

Currently we have a custom Reseller portal (in need of an upgrade) where they can download CSVs of Leads assigned to them (API call to Sugar where we have a custom Assigned Reseller relate field on Leads to the custom Resellers module).

What we don't have is a good way to get feedback from the resellers on the status of those leads, nor do we have a good way to evaluate the quality of the leads we are sending them.
We tried offering a page where each open Lead is listed and there is an option to add a comment and close the Lead (all working with SugarAPIs) but the Resellers find the interface cumbersome.

So, I am wondering how others among you pass Leads to partners/resellers and how those partners/resellers provide feedback back to you regarding actions taken on those Leads.

One thought would be to have the ability to provide a Sugar Portal for Resellers (who are also our customers) through the Sugar Customer Portal where they could view not only their license information and Cases as customers of ours, but also work Leads assigned to them.

Working those Leads could take the form of downloading records to be imported into their own system, then re-importing a csv with updates conserving the sugarID (too cumbersome?), or mass updating Leads from the list view, or perhaps opening each lead and providing updates within a limited Record view (similar to Sugar's own Cases portal we all use).

Does anyone know if SugarCRM has any plans to add such a "Reseller" portal for Leads?

Has anyone developed something similar to a Reseller Portal tied to Sugar, and if so, could you share your thought process in planning one was and how you implemented it?