Celebrating our team in Romania

SugarCRM has many offices around the world. I just got back from visiting our SugarCRM team in Romania. Our office there is located in the town of Craiova which is a bustling university town of about 300,000 people.  It is a four-hour drive southwest of Bucharest. It was worth some Covid virus dodging and extra paperwork to visit them. Thank you Katalin Karikó for your persistence.

Craiova by night

I have been traveling there for the past 18 years and have a particular fondness for our staff there. Our local manager Dan Ciobanu and I have been on mountain biking adventures around the world together and I consider the whole team my friends.

Dan and Chris biking in San Sebastian (Spain)

 SugarCRM has development, quality assurance, marketing, and development operations teams in Craiova (in addition to our offices in Cupertino, Raleigh, Denver, Munich, London, Sydney, etc.)   They are a uniquely capable group led by Ionut Tonita,  Bogdan Cataron, Andrei Bonci, and Paul Scondac.  They are skilled but humble and have created a great office culture that includes a league-winning soccer team.  

Ionut (left) and Pierre (great customer) at SugarCon

Covid has been hard on our office there, just as it has for all offices, but we had a bit of a break this summer in terms of the infection counts and severity. The team is bracing for a stricter fall and winter, so I was glad I got a chance to visit.

 The team in Craiova also likes to demonstrate that all great software does not have to be coded and QA'd in California.   In our recently delivered Sugar Q3 (11.1) the Craiova team put their signature on new configurable Action Buttons that automate common tasks and make work processes more intuitive. In our upcoming Sugar Q4 (11.2) release, the team has added more innovation.  Stand by next month and in the quarters to come for some fun product demonstrations.

 QA Team
Quality Assurance Team on Field Trip to Transylvania

While product development is an important focus, for the Craiova office, we have a team of very skilled digital marketers led by Paul Scondac.  From creating and curating content to making it look amazing, to integrating it into our digital marketing platform,  this team delivers every day.

Content Marketing Team Meeting

I look forward to seeing the team again and you can look forward to seeing their work as innovative new features in the Sugar platform and on SugarCRM.com!