Marketers are paid to think (and then execute)

One of my favorite business book titles is 'Paid to Think'.

Marketers are paid to think innovatively and creatively to bring your products and services to market.   We are proud to with Sugar Market help turn creative thoughts into reality. 

Recently we added a feature to Sugar Market that enables a Marketer to update the inclusion of a contact in a Nurture 2.0 Campaign based on their lead score. We thought this might need a little more explanation and some practical use cases.  and I wrote up this example and are also putting some videos together to demonstrate later on our corporate Blog.

Let us review the two SugarCRM features that we are going to talk about: Lead Scoring and Nurture Campaigns. 

Lead Scoring is the ability to allocate and accumulate point scores to contacts in your marketing database based on a variety of engagement actions or properties of that contact. 

Sugar Market has an advanced capability to maintain multiple lead score properties on a single contact. For instance, you could use that capability to maintain separate lead scores based on interest in various products or services you offer.   

Imagine you were a car dealer and represented two auto manufacturers, Ford, and Chevrolet. You might want to maintain two lead scores for the same contact. One lead score for Ford and another lead score for Chevrolet. As your contact engages with different web content you provide for each brand you track two different interest scores for the same person. 

With a lead scoring profile, you can set up automated actions that Sugar Market will execute when a specified lead score is reached.  One of those many actions is to trigger and add or remove the contact from a Sugar Market Nurture Campaign. 

A nurture campaign is a workflow defined by a series of conditions and actions to deliver automated email content, as well as sales team updates, and assignments. 

Going back to the scenario of the auto dealer representing two auto manufacturers, Ford, and Chevrolet. In Sugar Market, you can create a separate nurture campaign for each auto manufacturer, delivering a series of relevant content to recipients interested in each brand. Your leads can be included in both nurture campaigns, or just in one, depending on interest.  

Both sound like useful features, right? Let us walk through how we can combine the use of these features together to further automate your processes. 

Let us say you have created a lead scoring profile for the Ford brand and another profile for the Chevrolet brand.  Scoring rules can be assigned to a variety of asset types, including email engagement, landing page engagement, web visits, and more.  

Next, say you also have created a nurture campaign for each brand to send targeted messaging to leads who have shown interest in either of the brands that you represent.  

Now the ability to add or remove leads from a nurture campaign based on each lead score comes in handy.  

If the lead is a member of both the Ford and Chevrolet nurture campaigns, you can set up a scoring profile that will remove the lead from the other brand's nurture campaign to no longer receive promotional email messages.   

For example, we may want to stop sending Ford messaging if we think the lead has purchased or is about to purchase a Chevrolet. The lead has made their way to the Chevy services page and has been in contact with one of your sales representatives. In the Chevy Lead Scoring Profile, you can set up a unique scoring rule to assign points to the Lead for visiting the Chevy services page.  When a lead enters a predefined scoring threshold, you can assign actions to occur.  

The threshold would have one Lead Score action assigned to it: Remove from Ford Nurture Campaign.   

This configuration will allow you to automate an important business process and not send your customer irrelevant information.   

This is just one example of how the new ‘Lead Scoring Action’ feature in Sugar Market can help automate your processes, and it is a splendid example of how using multiple Sugar Market tools in combination enables you as a marketer to execute sophisticated campaign ideas and marketing motions.