Creating a Customer Communication Platform

I like to think of our Sugar Market product as a customer communication platform.

When you add Sugar Market to Sugar Sell and Serve, you gain the ability to stage email communication with your customers at any point in the customer journey, or in response to specific events.   Without integration to CRM, marketing automation is limited to responding to web traffic and email clicks. With integration to CRM, you can trigger communication sequences based on a richer set of customer events.

For those of us who sell yearly contracts, imagine creating a Sugar Market nurture campaign that sends relevant and useful emails at key points in time during the entire year. Send welcome emails from each customer-facing department,  send links to satisfaction surveys, send a mid-point check-in, or send what to expect during the renewal process.   Whether you sell application subscriptions or machine maintenance contracts,  this is useful.

Automated communications also help you respond professionally to more transactional events. When you have a customer service or support interaction,  would it not be a good thing to send a follow-up email to check if the issue was resolved properly? When a new contact is added to an existing customer, it would be good to automatically send them a set of useful information about how to engage with your company.

Our Sugar Sell customers use Sugar Market to surface broad account-based interest in products and services.   By aggregating interest scores from multiple contacts linked to existing customers,  it becomes easy to see which accounts may be investigating new opportunities to do business with you.  This information can give an account manager a valuable heads up to proactively service your customer.

Based on how you have configured your Sugar platform, I am sure you can think of many scenarios when it would be helpful to have an automated customer communication platform at your side.

By joining the tools used by your marketers with the CRM tools used by your sellers and servicers,  you enable valuable collaboration and information sharing between these groups that will help you serve your market better and grow your organization!

Send me a note if I can help you with your customer communication engine.

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