CRM is Special

More than any other application, your CRM system enables you to deploy an organization-wide tool to systematize your unique way of doing things.  If you have a secret sauce that separates you from your competitor, your CRM system can be what scales it!

If you buy an ERP system, you are looking for a vendor that provides a tool that most closely works the way your business does,  and then you conform your processes to fit it.   There will be little differentiation in how you deployed the ERP tool versus how your competitor deployed theirs.

CRM is different!

Here at SugarCRM, we work to deliver a CRM platform that enables you to project and amplify your organizational competitive advantage. Whatever makes you special to your customers,  we want your CRM platform to reflect and scale it.  

In Sugar you can, without writing any code, build out a full process, starting with creating the relational data modules, then crafting a user interface, automating the workflow, surfacing timely information in user dashboards, and then finally setting up the metrics that tell us how well our process is running. Oh and not to mention that once you have created this you can have your users interact with it anywhere in the world, on any kind of device!  

That is what we mean when we say 'Let the Platform do the Work'.

Recently our staff worked together to produce a webinar that reflects how our CRM platform provides efficient collaboration and process tools across Marketing. Sales, and Service.  

If you have a moment, take a look at how we think about our platform by reviewing the following archived webinar.  I think it will be worth your while.

The Rule of Three: Marketing, Sales, & Service Success

If I can help you achieve your CRM vision,  I would love to hear from you.