Going rafting!

I'll be out of the office the next few days as the family goes off on our annual white water rafting trip on the south fork of the American River between Tahoe and Sacramento.  It's an annual trip that has become a highlight of the year for me, my wife and two kids. 


We love the names of the rapids on the south fork like Hospital Bar and Satan's Cesspool.  We always raft with the Mother Lode Rafting Center out of Lotus, California.   They are a family owned operation that has been rafting there on the American River for the past forty years.  We've done both the class 3 and class 4 rafting runs and really appreciate how the Mother Lode crew brings together fun and safety.  In addition to rafting, they have a great ropes course that will challenge your fear of heights and push you just the right amount.  I highly recommend them if you ever want to raft the South Fork.

Unfortunately the rafting was closed down last summer due to the pandemic.  We really missed going to our normal relaxing destination.  However, we were lucky that our family visit to Park City, Utah last summer ended up being timed just right so that we could get on the water out there.  Milder rapids, but still a fun day on the water.


I hope you are finding the opportunities to enjoy your summer and connect with family and friends.  Have a great back half of the week.