Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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In this introductory course we’ll scratch the surface of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. You'll learn about what AI and Machine Learning are, how they are related, and why they are relevant in today's world. 

Intended Audience:

  • Individuals who are curious about AI and Machine Learning 

This course includes the following lessons: 

  • What is AI
  • How AI relates to Machine Learning
  • What is Machine Learning 
  • Why AI is relevant today
  • The benefits of AI


20 minutes


Course Overview
What is Artificial Intelligence?

In this lesson we’ll cover how AI is defined, the different types of AI, as well as the most common AI branches, and how it relates to Machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

In this lesson we’ll cover what Machine Learning is, how it works, the various types of machine learning, and some examples of how it’s used today. 

Why AI is Relevant Today

In this lesson we’ll discuss why AI is relevant today, and how it benefits the business world.

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