How to Use Sugar Sell

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This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to Sugar Sell for end-users. We'll provide an overview of what Sugar Sell has to offer and how it can be used by Sales users on a daily basis. This course also includes practical, hands-on assignments to practice what you've learned.

In this course we'll cover the following topics: 

  • Sugar Sell Overview
  • Searching records in Sugar Sell
  • Adding and Updating Records
  • Setting Quotas and Committing to Sales Forecasts 
  • Generating Sugar Sell Reports 
  • How to complete SugarBPM Process Tasks

Intended Audience: 

Sugar Sell Users 

Sales Representatives

Sales Managers


Lesson 1: Sugar Sell Overview
Lesson 2: Searching for Records in Sugar Sell
Lesson 3: Adding and Updating Records
Lesson 4: Setting Quotas and Committing to Sales Forecasts
Lesson 5: Generating Sugar Sell Reports
Lesson 6: Understanding how to complete SugarBPM Process Tasks
Quiz and Hands-on Assignments Answers

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