How to Configure SugarIdentity

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In this course, we provide an overview of SugarIdentity, discuss how to create and manage users, review how to manage password requirements, and set up LDAP, SAML, or OIDC authentication.  In the overview, we show you how to determine if your instance of Sugar is using SugarIdentity, how to set languages, tenant settings, setup SCIM settings, and how to set up the password rules. In the next lesson, we show you how to create a user using best practices, import multiple users at one time, and impersonate a user to troubleshoot or help them set up Sugar for successful adoption.  We wrap up the course with additional resources on SugarIdentity for furthering your learning.


Lesson 1: Sugar Identity Overview
Lesson 2: Managing Your Users in Sugar Identity
Lesson 3: Additional Sugar Identity Resources

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