How to Configure Sugar Serve

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This course is designed to provide a practical overview of how Sugar System Administrators should configure Sugar Serve.  It will focus on all the basic configurations that an admin needs to set up to begin their organization’s implementation of Sugar Serve.  Throughout the course, you learn best practices on how to configure Sugar Serve.


How to Complete Your Hands-On Assignments
Lesson 1: Understanding a High-Level Overview of Sugar Serve's Administration Functionality
Lesson 2: Using the SugarCloud (SugarIdentity)
Lesson 3: Adding Teams and Roles
Lesson 4: Configuring Systems Settings
Lesson 5: Setting Up Outbound Email
Lesson 6: Configuring Existing Sugar Modules
Lesson 7: Creating a New Sugar Module
Lesson 8: Configuring Tile View
Lesson 9: Importing Records
Lesson 10: Configuring Console Management
Lesson 11: Adding Business Centers
Lesson 12: Configuring the Sugar Portal
Lesson 13: Configuring SugarLive
Lesson 14: Closing & Wrap-up

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