Administrators: Get Started Configuring Sugar

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Your team depends on you to configure Sugar to meet your organization's business needs and setup requirements. This course will provide you with the introductory skills necessary for administering Sugar.  

Intended Audience:

  • Sugar Administrators
  • Solution Architects
  • Sugar Developers
  • Technical Support 

This course includes the following lessons: 

  • Creating new Users 
  • Creating a Team 
  • Creating a Role 
  • Creating Team-based Permissions  
  • Configuring Email Settings 
  • Creating a new Field
  • Changing a Layout
  • Configuring Forecasting
  • Creating basic Reports 
  • The basics of SugarBPM


Hands-On Practice
Creating a User

What you'll learn:

  • User Types
  • Creating a new User  
Creating a Team

What you'll learn:

  • Creating a Team using Team Management 
Creating a Role

What you'll learn:

  • Create a new role in Sugar using Role Management 
Creating Team-based Permissions

Learn how to create a team-based permission in Sugar. 

Creating a Field

Learn how to create a custom field in Sugar Studio. 

Changing a Layout

What you'll learn:

  • Managing Module Layouts in Sugar Studio
Exporting Records

What you'll learn:

  • Export records from Sugar into a .CSV file
Importing Records

What you'll learn:

  • Import records using the Import Wizard 
SugarBPM Overview
Creating a Summation with Details Report

What you'll learn:

  • How to use the report wizard in Sugar to create a summation with details report
Creating a Rows & Columns Report

What you'll learn:

  • How to create a basic rows & columns report using the Report Wizard in Sugar 
SugarCloud Insights Overview

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