Troubleshooting Row Size Limit Errors When Creating Fields in Studio

 You're creating a new field in Admin > Studio and the field fails to save with the error shown here. 

Don't panic; we've got you covered! With the recent release of Sugar 11.1.0 (Q3 2021), this helpful error message now appears when a field fails to save in Sugar due to hitting the row size limit of the table in your database. Check out the Troubleshooting Row Size Limit Errors in Sugar article for more info and see what you need to do to resolve this error and get back to creating your field.

  • Hi Haley,

    In earlier versions, if the Row Size limit exceeds the table in the database, it is used to create a field in the database, but it used to throw saying failed to retrieve data in the Sugar UI. As it creates field in the database, it used to create some problems while updating or creating the records in the same module. This created a havoc situation for us  6 months back in the 9.1 Sugar version. This is a very good feature in this release. Thanks for the heads up.