Just “Role” With It: Sugar’s New Role-Specific Dashboards Provide Personalized Insights

 Did you know that having the right tools tailored to your specific role can not only make your day-to-day tasks easier but also amplify your productivity by leaps and bounds?  

This is exactly what we aimed to achieve with the introduction of role-specific dashboards in the latest Sugar 14.0 update. Designed with precision for various roles within your organization, these dashboards are set to revolutionize the way you interact with your CRM data. They can also help your new employees get up and running quickly, saving admins the hassle of setting up and users the struggle of learning a new system.  

Tailor-Made Insights for Every Role 

Sugar's new home dashboard templates are a real game-changer. Whether you're steering the company as an executive, managing sales quotas, or crafting marketing campaigns, these dashboards pull together vital data from Sugar modules such as Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. This isn’t just about having data at your fingertips—it’s about having the right data in a format that speaks directly to your needs, enabling quicker, more informed decisions. 

Easy Access and Customization 

Finding and using these dashboards is super easy. Within the Dashboards module, you can quickly identify which templates are available by filtering on the template field. Want to make a dashboard part of your daily view? If it isn't already in your Home tab, you can favorite the dashboard to keep it at your fingertips. And for those who like a personal touch, these dashboards, while non-editable directly to ensure they can be used by others in the future, can be duplicated and customized. This means you can tailor them without altering the original structure—perfect for those needing that extra bit of personalized data interaction.  

A Closer Look at Dashboard Offerings 

Let’s dive into some specifics. The Executive Dashboard, for example, provides a panoramic view of business health, from sales achievements to customer service efficiencies. It’s about giving executives a bird's eye view while allowing them to drill down into the details whenever needed.  

For sales teams, the Sales Rep Dashboard is designed to display leads, open opportunities, and detailed pipeline statuses. It’s tailored to help sales professionals manage their daily grind more efficiently, prioritizing tasks that need immediate attention. 

Dynamic Dashlets Add Depth 

Each dashboard is equipped with dynamic dashlets—be it reports, lists, or insights tailored to specific roles. For instance, the BDR (Business Development Representative) Dashboard offers real-time tracking of marketing and sales qualified leads, crucial for those in the thick of nurturing potential clients. 

Continuous Evolution and Support 

At SugarCRM, we don’t just stop at deployment. We’re committed to continuous improvement and plan to frequently update our dashboard templates to adapt to evolving business needs and feedback. So don’t be shy- provide your feedback here to ensure this new feature best meets your needs!  

 In Conclusion 

Role-specific dashboards are a strategic enhancement to how users interact with Sugar. They bring clarity, precision, and efficiency to your workday, enabling you to leverage Sugar’s powerful CRM capabilities in ways that are tailored exactly to your role and help you get up and running quickly. 

To see the dashboards in action and learn more about use cases that will benefit your business, watch the video below.

Are you using role-specific dashboards yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!