New Focus Drawer

For the 10.3 release in Q1 2021, SugarCRM is proud to release our new Focus Drawer for Sugar Sell and Serve.

The Focus Drawer is a great way for our users to increase their productivity by being able to quickly view the details of a record without having to leave the current screen. For example, if you are viewing the list of accounts, hover over the account name you're interested in. Immediately, the new Focus Drawer icon will appear. After clicking it, a drawer will slide in, displaying all the related information on that account at the user’s fingertips. From the Focus Drawer, the user can continue to edit, add and rearrange dashlets and never have to leave the context of the list view.

The Focus Drawer improves productivity inside record views as well. For example, if a user is looking at their contact or opportunity and wants to get more information on the related account, they can simply hover over the account name and click the Focus Drawer icon to get a complete view of that account and all its related information.

The Focus Drawer represents a huge leap forward in making technology work for users and their goals rather than the other way around. Traditional CRM looks and feels like the data model beneath it. You navigate to a list of Accounts, then view a single account. The experience is siloed by module. Sugar’s new Focus Drawer flips this paradigm on its head by proactively gathering information around the task at hand. The result is an informed, empowered, and more efficient user.