“Hidden” Features Series: Leverage AI-Powered Insights with SugarPredict

Welcome to the eighth SugarClub post installment of our series on "Hidden" Features. This ongoing series covers some of the lesser-known features of Sugar Sell and Sugar Enterprise. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future feature highlights.

Please note that this feature is available across Sugar's cloud platform but not in Sugar Enterprise. This article will focus on SugarPredict's capabilities within Sugar Sell.

Hey there! Are you looking to improve your sales process and drive more revenue? Look no further than SugarPredict! Sugar Predict is an AI-powered feature available in Sugar Sell and throughout the full SugarCRM platform.

What is SugarPredict?

SugarPredict is designed to help businesses identify patterns in their live data using machine learning algorithms. By analyzing patterns in data, SugarPredict generates insights and projected outcomes for lead and opportunity records in Sugar Sell.

SugarPredict provides insights and projected outcomes for leads and opportunities in the list view and through the Predict dashlet in the record view.

How Do I Use SugarPredict for Sell?

Using SugarPredict is a breeze! With its dynamic insights into why a lead or opportunity is projected to close or convert (or not convert), you can refine your sales process and improve your sales strategies. By focusing on leads and opportunities with the highest potential to convert and close, you can make the most of your sales resources and drive more revenue.

How Do I Activate SugarPredict?

Activating SugarPredict is easy! You just need to make sure your instance meets certain requirements, such as having an active Sell Advanced or Sell Premier, hosting your instance in one of the supported regions (Germany, Australia, U.S.), and meeting specific data requirements for your lead and opportunity modules. Once these requirements are met, you can contact your Customer Success Manager to activate SugarPredict.

Accuracy at the Forefront

SugarPredict is configured to your unique data, which means that the accuracy of the projected outcomes depends on the quality and quantity of your data. SugarCRM will assess your data against its AI model and firmographic data. If the model produces projected outcomes that are more than 70% accurate, SugarPredict will be activated. If accuracy is below 70%, SugarCRM will review your instance and may be able to improve the model's accuracy through further configuration. 

Next Steps

So why wait? Activate SugarPredict today and start seeing the results for yourself! Contact your customer success manager or SugarCRM partner to get started.